PARIS Cufflinks Barrel RLD
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PARIS Cufflinks Barrel RLD

Discreet accents of pure luxury, the light gold plated brass barrel shaped cufflinks from the PARIS Collection were created for men for whom only the best will do. Engraved all-over with the exacting Clous de Paris pattern, each end is also etched with the DAVIDOFF icon. The exclusive whale back closure is engraved with the DAVIDOFF logo and slides effortlessly through any buttonhole to securely fasten with a simple ‘click’.

Technical Data

22890 - PARIS Cufflinks Barrel RLD

Product Features

20 x 8 mm
Material: Brass Light Gold plated
Closure: Whale back with DAVIDOFF logo
Barrel guilloché with Clou de Paris pattern
DAVIDOFF icon etched on both sides

PARIS Cufflinks Barrel RLD
Paris Collection