ZINO Cufflinks Round LGD RD
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ZINO Cufflinks Round LGD RD

With a change of color palette, this red and gold variant of the classic ZINO round cufflink immediately enters into a wider realm of relaxed classicism. The light gold plated body holds the red plated metal insert engraved all-over with the DAVIDOFF icon, while the whale back closure engraved with the DAVIDOFF logo works superbly with any buttonhole. Perfect for formal but also more semi-formal or casual events.

Technical Data

22881 - ZINO Cufflinks Round LGD RD

Product Features

16 X 4 mm
Material: Brass Light Gold plated
Closure: Whale back with DAVIDOFF logo
Insert: DAVIDOFF Red lacquered metal plate with icon pattern engraved all-over

ZINO Cufflinks Round LGD RD