ZINO Cufflinks Round RH BK
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ZINO Cufflinks Round RH BK

These ZINO round cufflinks featuring the DAVIDOFF icon engraved all-over a black plated metal insert set in a rhodium plated brass body is an expression of pure elegance. The color palette reminiscent of the Art Deco fashions of the Silver Screen era is still an influential part of men’s fashion today and is particularly applicable to formal black and white attire. The exclusive whale back closure engraved with the DAVIDOFF logo ensures a superb fit for any buttonhole.

Technical Data

22880 - ZINO Cufflinks Round RH BK

Product Features

16 X 4 mm
Material: Brass Rhodium plated
Closure: Whale back with DAVIDOFF logo
Insert: black lacquered metal plate with icon pattern engraved all-over

ZINO Cufflinks Round RH BK