Perfect coffee

The knowledge and experience required to prepare the perfect coffee are unified in the Davidoff Café coffee sommelier's expertise. Treat yourself with an excellent coffee composition and enter the world of true connoisseurship.


In order to enjoy the full aroma of the coffee, the coffee beans have to be grinded immediately before making the coffee. This prevents the aromas from evaporating.


For one cup of coffee, 7-8 g ground coffee should be brewed with 180 ml cold, filtered water.


Use soft or filtered water to avoid a bitter taste.

Brewing methods

Davidoff Café is suitable for all common preparation methods e.g. filter machines. To allow the aroma and all its nuances to fully unfold, brew the coffee with a manual porcelain coffee filter.


Ground coffee experiences a negative effect when it is exposed to normal room temperature for more than 7 days. It is therefore recommended to put coffee beans in an airtight container and to keep it in the refrigerator. If only small quantities are used and so the coffee is stored for a longer time, it is best to store the coffee in a freezer.

The storage life of coffee depends on the following storage conditions:

Room temperature: 1 week

Refrigerator: 2 weeks

Freezer: 1 month

Perfect Espresso

Enter the world of espresso expertise and experience the ultimate espresso enjoyment with Davidoff Espresso 57. To first cleanse the palate, espresso is best enjoyed with a glass of water.


Grind the beans with a medium grinder right before brewing. The correct grind makes sure the water flows through the coffee at the right speed. Grinding it too finely will result in a burnt taste; grinding it too coarsely will lead to thin, watery coffee with a bitter taste.


The perfect dosage is 7-8 g of coffee for 40-50 ml of water. To ensure that the water runs smoothly through the coffee, the coffee should be pressed in the portafilter down with a tamper. Less pressure may lead to a bitter taste.


To avoid a bitter taste, soft or filtered water should be used. Hard tap water hinders the aroma nuances in unfolding.

Brewing methods

The electric espresso machine offers the perfect preparation for Espresso. Only fully automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines provide the ideal pressure (9-12 bar) and necessary temperature (90-95°C). These factors ensure a perfect golden, velvety and long-lasting crema, and provide an enduring espresso taste.

Crema quality indicators

The crema is the golden brown foam on top of a freshly brewed espresso. A perfect crema is the result of the right brewing method, where pressure is sufficient and temperature just right. It can be tested by putting some sugar on top of the crema. If the sugar gradually sinks into the crema and the layer of foam reforms itself, the crema is perfect.


In order to enjoy your Davidoff Café Espresso to the outmost,
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