Pashmina Double Weave – Kaki
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Pashmina Double Weave – Kaki

Exclusively made in India, the double weave Pashmina from DAVIDOFF is produced from the softest ultra-fine undercoat fleece taken from the Chyangra goat. This ultra thin, soft and warm, this material is recognised as the most refined natural yarn on the earth. The hand dyed fibres are meticulously woven on a manual loom with a double weave principle attaining a unique bi-colour effect, a signature of DAVIDOFF. Its distinguished quality makes the scarf an exquisite supplement for cold weather and its sophisticated design adds a note of elegance to either casual or evening outfits.

Technical Data

22448 - Pashmina Double Weave – Kaki

Product Features

Entirely made in India - suitable for ladies and gentlemen - 70 x 200 cm

Pashmina Double Weave – Kaki