DAVIDOFF & Man Meets Fashion

Il n’est pas simple du tout de réaliser un accessoire de mode en réinventant la tendance classique dans une manière plus moderne et  audacieuse. Mais si vos efforts sont bien compris par les faiseurs de tendances, vous savez que vous avez atteint la cible.

The famous  London-based fashion blogger Nathan Lewis was spotted wearing one of DAVIDOFF’s new Destination Collection’s bags, while a photographer was taking several professional picture of him. If you are familiar with Nathan’s blog, Man Meets Fashion, you will surely know that while its articles are written in an evocative yet simple linguistic code, they also feature a professional photoshoot where Nathan Lewis himself wears the reviewed products, mixing  them in an unique style, giving hints on how to create an elegant outfit a la mode.

Many fashion bloggers share DAVIDOFF’s vision of exploring different cultures and countries, searching for the most exceptional quality and uncompromising craftsmanship  with the conviction that true luxury is experiencing beauty and ultimate pleasure in every moment.  For Nathan the City is the perfect setting for the true melting pot that continuously creates new styles and fashion rules. He proudly affirms to be “London based” and has fully expressed the essence of DAVIDOFF’s  Destination Collection: traveling as a discovery of new, formal and practical visions , the image of a self-confident business , bold and stylish at the same time.

Nathan Lewis, describing DAVIDOFF’s products,  gives prominence to top quality leather and to the typical Italian style, by creating a look in which he emphasizes the Oxford Blue DAVIDOFF New York-JFK Holdall Bag, and the London – LHR China Red Business Bag, elegant accessories of vibrant colors  for the typical trend setter.

Apart from the high quality leather used, so smooth and soft, it is DAVIDOFF’s  attention to details, especially the  palladium – crafted finishing, that had made him say combines smartness and elegance with the DAVIDOFF signature” and the importance of having only high quality accessories is summarized in his statement  Accessories including bags and luggage can give your overall look that finishing touch”.

Both products have been described  for their characteristics (materials and finishing) and even if the London – LHR China Red Business Bag has seduced him with its elegant practicality, excellent for “attending meetings or events, it is the New York-JFK Holdall Bag that made him agree that it was truly  Designed for the man about town who is always moving with style and elegance” and “ this roomy and practical space will take you from gym to city break.”

Through his articles Nathan succeeds in stimulating the curiosity of the reader to discover DAVIDOFF’s bags collections. Destination collection is not only about bags but it represents the man who wants to live with style every moment of the day.