DAVIDOFF Café contest terms and conditions

Terms & Conditions

Tchibo GmbH, Überseering 18, 22297 Hamburg is conducting the “Davidoff Café Limited Edition package” raffle (referred to hereinafter as “Raffle”), proposed and run by Tchibo GmbH (referred to hereinafter as “Organizer”) on the Davidoff Café homepage http://www.zinodavidoff.com/coffee/.

Participation in the raffle is governed by the following terms of participation:


  1. Participation

Participation in the Raffle is only possible via the internet. Participants in the raffle click on the hyperlink “Davidoff Café Contest”. This hyperlink is available under the headline “Extra Features” on the Davidoff Café homepage http://www.zinodavidoff.com/coffee/. To participate in the raffle, players must fill in the entry form with their first name, last name and email address and click on the “Send” button.

The raffle begins on 25th November 2015 and runs until 9th December 2015. The player may participate only once, double participation is not permitted. Only persons who are over the age of 18 at the time of the raffle will be eligible to participate. By participating, the player accepts these Terms and Conditions. Participation is free of charge; no purchase is necessary.

The player is responsible for any and all personal costs incurred in connection with participating in the raffle (in particular all costs relating to individual internet access). In the event of violation of these terms of participation, the Organizer expressly reserves the right to bar individuals from participating.

  1. Prizes and Drawing of Winners

There are 3 exclusive Davidoff Café Limited Edition packages to be won. Each player can only win one package. The prizes will be given away by lottery draw. Each package contains:

  • Davidoff Café Limited Edition “Création Supérieure Azur”
  • Davidoff Café writing pad
  • Zino Davidoff premium leather accessory

The packages will be sent by airmail to the postal address, which the winners are asked to provide via email after the draw.


  1. Data Protection

The contact information provided by the player during registration (see part A) will be collected for purposes of the raffle and will not be transmitted to any third parties.

  1. Liability and Warranty

Participation in the raffle is not a given right. The Organizer is not responsible for any technical failure or other disruptions, e.g. caused by power outage or unavailability of the network, website, computer, etc. making it impossible or more difficult to participate in the raffle. Furthermore the Organizer is not responsible for any losses or damages incurred during the posting of the prizes.

The Organizer’s liability is limited to damages suffered by the player due to grossly negligent or intentional actions by the Organizer or an agent or employee of the Organizer. The preceding limitation of liability does not apply to damage caused through injury to life, limb, and/or health of the player, or with regard to the violation of duties the fulfilment of which permits proper conduct of the raffle and compliance upon which the player may rely (cardinal obligations).

  1. Termination of the Raffle

The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the raffle for cause at any time and without advance notice. Termination for cause may occur particularly if proper conduct of the raffle can no longer be guaranteed.

  1. Other Terms

There is no legal recourse. The contest and these Terms & Conditions are governed by and shall be construed exclusively in accordance with the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Should individual provisions of these Terms & Conditions be or become invalid or incomplete, the validity of the other terms shall remain unaffected.