The DAVIDOFF ICON collection: leather accessories with classical, elegant lines for a contemporary style

Davidoff presents the DAVIDOFF Icon collection, a line of leather goods in which the high quality of the leather complements the versatility of the bags.

Davidoff presents the DAVIDOFF Icon collection, a line of leather goods in which the high quality of the leather complements the versatility of the bags. Every detail is the result of a meticulous search for the perfect mix between classical and modern styles. The DAVIDOFF Icon line has an important theme, a fundamental inspirational idea which gives the product its shape. Busta Briefcase and Busta Pouch have been created by DAVIDOFF with a single goal in mind: to make every journey more enjoyable, thanks to accessories that are practical, dynamic and completely reliable.

In the DAVIDOFF ICON collection, the brand’s logo has been revamped with modern features and it has become a decorative emblem which gives the bags their unmistakable iconic quality. The icon-shaped fastenings on the bags from the DAVIDOFF ICON collection are made from palladium, and are practical, elegant and functional. Palladium, part of the platinum family, is not only an extremely bright metal but it is also durable and light, making it suitable for every occasion.

The bags are made exclusively from Italian leather that has been processed in the traditional way. The result is a soft, light and durable leather. The seams are an important feature, as they enhance the shape of the bags and give them a distinctive touch. The colors chosen by Davidoff are ultramarine blue, elegant and sophisticated, perfect for both formal and informal occasions, together with Raffaello Blue and Caravaggio Brown. These colors exalt the personality of these accessories, making them unique, while Smoked Grey and Black are perfect for their versatility. The entire collection has been designed with travelers’ needs in mind.

In the DAVIDOFF ICON collection for men, there are two main models: Busta Briefcase and Busta Pouch. The bags are reminiscent of the shape of an envelope or the more modern email symbol, with a stylish design that avoids being commonplace thanks to the luxury finishings and the great care that has been paid to every detail. These characteristics make the bags ideal for the office, as they combine timeless classical elements with accents of metropolitan modernity.

The bags for women from the DAVIDOFF Icon line represent the brand’s unique style. The classical elegance of this timeless style is evident in every bag, which are not only stunningly exquisite but also practical. These bags have a single specific purpose: to contain the beauty of every woman.

The two bags, Sophia and Gina, are accessories to show off, to use, to feel on your skin. Sophia is the emblem of the versatility which is so dear to Zino Davidoff: it is the perfect bag for those women who have an intense, dynamic lifestyle that is full of passion. Easy to carry, made from the finest Italian leather, it has a velvety softness that  encloses a whole world. The useful internal pocket with zip fastening can hold all of your most important items while the lining in 100% luxury cotton bears the DAVIDOFF logo. The fastening in gold palladium further enhances the natural class and the refined spirit of the Sophia bag.

While the Sophia bag has all the charm of the elegant simplicity that is characteristic of the DAVIDOFF world, the Gina bag from the DAVIDOFF Icon collection reveals a totally new kind of femininity. The two compartments with magnetic fastenings have been designed for the practical needs of women today. Other internal compartments with zip fastenings make Gina a unique accessory, which shows off its incredible charms in its gold finishings. Available in two sizes, Gina is the perfect bag for every woman: classical, versatile, practical and suitable for every occasion.

The Icon collection from DAVIDOFF: a tribute to contemporary fashion, with new lines and elegant shapes thanks to the high quality craftsmanship and materials.