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Martell Campbell, a famous English blogger has described on his fashion blog two accessories from DAVIDOFF Destination Collection : the Busta Pouch and the London Business Briefcase, two bags that are perfect for the man who is looking for both practicality and style.

Martell is also a sartorialist, easily recognisable by his modern yet atypical personal touch when it comes to combining accessories in order to create fresh and stylish looks. His outfits, never ordinary, can be distinguished by their unusual accents that go beyond the norm. He manages to transform the everyday into the unexpected, with a modern and metropolitan interpretation, and he has become renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and his sophisticated combinations.

Style, quality and fine materials characterize all DAVIDOFF’s products and accessories. These are the reasons that convinced Martell to choose this two accessories for the outfits he showcased on his blog.

Martell Campbell decided to pair the Busta Pouch by DAVIDOFF with a modern interpretation of a refined style outfit making it stand out as it can be seen on his blog.

He describes this leather bag for men as a unique accessory that holds all the tradition of Italian craftsmanship in its perfect lines and fine stitching A super slick and truly a luxury accessory for a high fashion outfit look”. Made from soft calfskin leather, Busta Pouch can be easily matched with any outfit, both during the day and the evening.

The other DAVIDOFF accessory that Martell Campbell appreciates and describes in his article is the London Business Briefcase by DAVIDOFF. The blogger particularly loves this briefcase for men, both for its unexpected capacity and also for its design. It is made from high quality soft leather, perfect for day meetings or short business trips” and at the same time “adding a modern feel to the classic briefcase shape”.

DAVIDOFF’s mission has always been to guarantee maximum quality and style through all the products and accessories. Make sure to discover all the other bags of DAVIDOFF’s collections and create your personal style.