Davidoff Watches Velocity Diver: the adventure begins with style

Those who love adventure must not miss the new watch collection from Davidoff Velocity Diver.

Those who love adventure must not miss the new watch collection from Davidoff Velocity Diver. From the creative mind and studio of designer Davidoff, comes a new concept of elegance that joins with the beauty one attempts to discover in the world of a thousand journeys. Discovering the ocean, admiring nature from various points of view and losing yourself in the immensity of an unknown universe: this and much more make up the world of Diving. The sea, with its treasures and primitive harmony, manages to unite that which the land separates, giving new life to those that in nature, find themselves.

The freedom to wear: VelocityDiver watch is born

The Diver watches from the Velocity collection by Davidoff were created for all of those who love continual discovery, the sea and traveling in grand style. When you wear the Davidoff  Velocity Diver everything takes on new perspective, colors, sensations, and the incredible emotions that these places emanate. This becomes emphasized and captured in an accessory with infinite possibility. Human ability, ingenuity and talent in the realization of a masterpiece of style like the watch, Velocity Diver are perfectly wed with the grandiosity and inscrutability of the sea. What’s the result? Man managed to have a new power: time.

Time to live, time to feel, time to possess. The Velocity Diver watch becomes a complete instrument, multifunctional and simple to use, to take with you on each new adventure. The variety of styles and colors, with caoutchouc and metal, allow everyong to better express their own personality in every circumstance, with structural and aesthetic details that are second to none.


Winning style in a masterpiece of elegance

Up to 300 meters deep, even in the darkest waters, the Diver watch proves itself to be a faithful companion in adventure thanks to its blue, black and silver dial and the contrasting coloration  created by the sapphire crystal and the decorative Côtes de Genève. The minimalist luxury of Davidoff is a characteristic feature of the house that shares its founder’s passion for the sea which is found in the Velocity Diver watch as the maximum expression of style. Just as within the astute strength of the sea, the Velocity Diver watch becomes a symbol of elegance and absolute beauty. All of the Swiss precision, in the Swiss-made movement, is renewed in the Velocity collection without forgetting the robustness of its case, made with stainless steel, as in the best tradition of the Davidoff watches.

Pure talent for those who live nature

When one chooses to travel, there is no better companion than a versatile watch, capable of being perfect for every circumstance. Who knows the limits beyond which one can go, always wearing an ideal of greatness that is recognized by the details of Davidoff products. Here is the perfect watch,  which values time, by the moment, by the seconds. Those seconds are marked by the beating of a pulse, in a Davidoff watch.