Luxury vacations: a sailboat to explore the world

A journey by sailboat in the Mediterranean allows you to discover the beauty of a boundless sea. Impossible to be told and to be experienced in an exclusive stay, ideal for any time of the year.

A rugged coastline, a crystal clear sea and cities of unquestionable artistic beauty become attainable goals to start learning about the world by giving a whole new meaning to summer. Onboard a luxury sailboat, guided by the sea breeze that spans from the coasts of Sardinia to Spain, you will always experience new adventures, letting the wind mess your hair and the sun kiss your pale skin. By scrutinizing the highest peaks on the horizon and learning to love and respect nature that is often forgotten, in a sailing holiday there is nothing to left to chance. Zino Davidoff’s love of travel and  his great enthusiasm for sailing have over the years projected the brand to an exact style that is well suited for those who love to learn about and explore the world. This is why in some Davidoff collections the fragrance of the sea and its nuances are instantly perceived. The exclusivity of a sailing holiday allows you to discover new places, drifting in those little corners of paradise between the rugged coastline of the Mediterranean, where you can only enter by boat.

Freedom of expression in the fashion essentials

If the fashion of the city becomes too cumbersome on vacation, it’s time to leave everything behind and start with inevitable and unparalleled style accessories. A pair of sunglasses, a watch from the new Velocity Diver collection and a roomy travel bag will mark that indelible line between the routine of the past and the beauty of the future that has not yet been drawn. For the Davidoff summer collection, the superfluous fashion leaves room for the practicality of the essential, to rediscover the unique taste of elegance in small details.

In the Davidoff sunglasses line, the glasses have metal and acetate frames, ideal for those hot, sunny days in which protecting your eyes from the sun becomes imperative. To keep them company is a Velero chronograph with a soft leather strap and stainless steel case. Which is a symbol of sophistication that is not afraid to express itself on every occasion, from the most mundane to the casual and informal. And when sports and recreation give way to the shadows of the evening, at sunset there is nothing better than relaxing in a quiet harbor while sipping a coffee from selected mixtures.

Flavors of the world at your fingertips

A little time to enjoy alone or with friends is the great wealth to be savored slowly, during an exclusive holiday on a sailboat. Finding oneself and their own harmony, the rediscovery of ancient flavors passes for the excellence of tradition. As with the preparation of coffee is a ritual in which the world seems to get lost in legend. From the Cafè Crème to the Rich Aroma, of the Espresso al Suprème RéserveDavidoff coffee becomes a new and completely natural way to experience the world. In every bean you can taste the aroma of lands always as diverse as Africa, Latin America and India, with all the strength and greatness of a production that does not contain errors.

When you travel there is always a little time to dedicate to yourself, a moment when you can feel a part of the Davidoff world.