Silk scarves and shawls for the Caribbean summer of Davidoff

There are masterpieces of style that seem to become timeless, as if they were created in order to remain a vivid reminder of the creativity that moves the world. With the awakening of spring and the arrival of summer even fashion takes on new forms and embraces bright and cheerful colors. These being found in their greatest inspiration, nature. The line of silk shawls and and scarves presented by Davidoff for summer 2014 seems to contemplate the grandeur of the Caribbean flora with a reminder of the art of one of the greatest painters of all time: Georgia O’Keeffe.

Floral legends and colors to wear

The inspiration for this line of accessories, like many of the Davidoff operas, comes from his travels in the Dominican Republic, where innovation and technology have left the right amount of space for man and nature. Hibiscus blossoms also called the “flower of an hour” because their beauty only lasts a few hours, are among the protagonists of the new Davidoff collection of silk scarves and give off an original and exclusive exotic flair. Other than the hibiscus, Davidoff inspired by a bouquet of Plumeria, creates a shawl with a certain three-dimensional effect. The Davidoff designer center inspired by art and using the “trompe- l’oeil”  revives nature directly on the silk with a painting technique that “deceives the eye” of the beholder. Also producting a striking three-dimensionality. Plumeria, with its round and sweet petals, gives vitality and a strong sense of balance. Their vivid colors also allow you to brighten up summer and offer an ideal fashion accessory to any outfit, from the most formal to casual and sportswear.

Art and fashion as the masterpiece of human creativity

Davidoff decided to tell what he sees, to share the charm and natural balance that reigns in the Caribbean with all the world. He does this by offering every woman the chance to be the bearer of beauty. All those who love fashion are well aware that nothing is more important than the details, the little touches of style that can make an outfit unique. This is why Davidoff does not set limits for a small silk square that becomes a palette on which to paint, on which to create and on which to imagine. The flowers drawn seem to come out of the fabric defying the laws of two-dimensionality to wrap those who wear this scarf in a soft embrace. With regards to the production, it is no wonder that the king of elegance, a connoisseur of the pure poetry of life, Davidoff, uses hand-rolled silk twill as the fabric on which the luxury of uniqueness is built. The Davidoff monogram on the outer frame, in contrast, is the signature of a story, a dream, a voyage out into the world.