Velocity Gun Ruthenium Red Gold Fountain Pen

In a gun ruthenium reminiscent of high-performance engines, the Davidoff Velocity Gun Ruthenium Red Gold Fountain Pen evokes the sleek curves of the finest classic cars. Combining timeless style with a high-stability, red gold nib, the pen proudly bears the iconic Davidoff logo upon its striking, red gold-finished cap, ring and body. Contemporary engineering meets traditional glamour in every pen stroke.

Technical Data

21397 - Velocity Gun Ruthenium Red Gold Fountain Pen

Product Features

Metal body,
ten-coated lacquering, 18-kt red gold 5N plated,
18-kt red gold 5N nib f, m, b,
high level of stability up to 10.000 m,
piston converter or cartridges,
spring-loaded clip,
Davidoff icon on the cap and logo around the ring and body