Explorer's Choice Roasted Ground
Explorer's Choice Roasted Ground
Explorer's Choice Roasted Ground

Explorer's Choice
Roasted Ground

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Ground coffee

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Provenance: Predominantly East Africa, Central and South America

Bean type: 100% Arabica

Taste indication

  • Intensity123456789101112
  • Roasting123456789101112
  • Acidity123456789101112

Taste description

Our DAVIDOFF Premium Label composed of only the choicest Arabica beans takes you on a journey of tastes from the East African highlands to the scenic coffee fields in Central and South America.

This beautifully aromatic, well-balanced premium coffee blend is the result of our decades of expertise and dedication to quality, catering only to the most discerning of tastes.

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Unique as you

Discover the new exclusive coffee composition crafted by the DAVIDOFF master blenders. 

This Premium Label of only the choicest Arabica beans from the world’s finest growing regions is an homage to our founder, Zino Davidoff, and his passion and taste for the finer things in life. Inspired by his timeless mindset and quest for discovery, this new premium blend is an exploration of tastes for the modern explorer. Available as Instant, Roasted Ground and Whole Bean coffee*, Explorer’s Choice offers a multi-sensory coffee experience in a unique and precious packaging.

*Only available in selected markets & stores.


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