Dear Lovie judge,

We are very proud of this website. Not only with the result, but also with the original idea behind it. Please let us introduce our vision to you.

A digital narrative

The digital world is continuously changing. The only constant is the feeling a design gives us. For DAVIDOFF this feeling is described as zest for life. Sharing pleasurable moments and a discerning taste for the finer things in life. Where elegance and beauty merge with sophisticated comfort and a refined attention to details.

The DAVIDOFF senses

We want our website to inspire and entice your senses. Imagine the smell of the salty sea and wet sand, freshly brewed coffee and a hint of amber and musk. Imagine the feeling of grainy leather, hammered metal and domed glass. Listen to great music while discovering unexpected places and meeting inspiring people. The DAVIDOFF website embraces our zest for life.

The Davidoff senses
The Davidoff senses

Data and insights

Today’s digital environment is unpredictable. That is why the gathering of data and insights is built into the core of the platform. We create, we measure, we analyze, we learn and we adapt.

Please enjoy visiting

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