The rich heritage of a unique beverage

The story of coffee in Europe is a celebration of innovation, open-mindedness and discerning taste. From the highlands of North Africa to European ports and beyond, the sensory appeal of coffee has enchanted traders, intellectuals, travelers and royalty alike. At DAVIDOFF we endeavor to pay tribute to the heritage of this unique beverage and capture its rich history in every blend. However, to better appreciate its significance it is first necessary to trace its journey through the centuries.

From North Africa to Venice

Hailing from the tropical regions of Ethiopia, coffee spread to the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century and became a major commodity throughout the Mediterranean. The reputation of this unusual black beverage often preceded its arrival and in 1629 the first coffeehouses in Europe opened in the city of Venice.

Its arrival was initially condemned, with local clergy warning against its mysteriously uplifting properties. In response, Pope Clement VIII was asked to intervene and after tasting the beverage for himself found the drink so satisfying that he gave it papal approval.

Its distinct flavor and exotic aroma only added to its attraction and soon drinking coffee in Venice became synonymous with the sharing of ideas, superior taste, and cultured sophistication.

Spreading westward

In the mid-17th century, coffee was introduced to Austria after soldiers’ sequestered beans as spoils of war upon defeating the Turks in the Battle of Vienna. It was here that the custom of adding milk and sugar was popularized, leading to what is now known as a Melange in Vienna. From Austria, coffee made its way westward and into the homes of French high society. It wasn’t long before the first coffeehouse in Paris opened in 1672.

Coffee then became accessible to individuals from all walks of life that were drawn to its intoxicating scent and textured flavor. At the beginning of the 18th century, this dark beverage from the East replaced wine and beer as a conventional morning drink. This new practice paved the way for a social transformation throughout Europe and made coffee a drink of the masses.

A legacy in every cup

Today, DAVIDOFF seeks to capture its timeless appeal in its selection of whole beans, capsules, ground beans and instant coffee. By using centuries-old brewing and cultivation techniques, each cup is a hidden sensory experience just waiting to be discovered.

We also endeavor to pay respect to the travelers and innovators of the past that lived their lives in the same vein as Zino Davidoff, whose enthusiasm and curiosity is woven into our brand philosophy.

All that is left is to enjoy carefully selected coffee beans from the world's premier growing regions and allow the aroma, taste, texture, and appearance to carry you away.


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