Experiencing the new CROSSROADS collection

Life is full of turning points – times when you have to or want to start and experience something new. Our founder, Zino Davidoff, was standing at such crossroads during his lifetime and decided to embrace them. There can be excitement, learning, success, fulfillment, and a rising tide. Being at crossroads is part of one’s life path. Crossroads are challenges and opportunities to embrace new experiences and adventures.

The DAVIDOFF CROSSROADS collection is all about exploring the unknown. It’s elegant leather goods, stylish writing instruments and chic cufflinks with a dash of hidden flair. Inspired by the many geometric shapes one may see during their day, these items will introduce a little curiosity into everyday life, making the CROSSROADS range perfectly suited to men with a thirst for new experiences.

Contemporary yet timeless, sophisticated but with a down-to-earth appeal. Every item’s unique design serves as a prompt to take the road less traveled.

A gentle reminder that even our most familiar settings may conceal extraordinary moments, the CROSSROADS collection will ensure you remain wide-eyed and open-minded throughout your travels.

Made from Italian soft calf leather with an embossed finish, the textured surface and distinguished silhouette of the CROSSROADS leather goods will breathe new life into your day-to-day.

For those who welcome fresh takes on classic designs, these intriguing wallets are the ideal urban accessories.

Letting your creativity flow freely is also made easy with our ballpoint and rollerball writing instruments. Available in both plated chrome and rose gold, these pens are defined by the distinctive crosshatch motif that adorns their exterior. A nod to contemporary architectural influences that impress with understated charm.

 For the man that demands quality even in the smallest accessories, we’ve also incorporated tasteful new cufflinks into the CROSSROADS range. See for yourself how the plated casing surrounds the surfaced pattern within. The result is silver and rose gold cufflinks that’ll inspire you to never say no to a new adventure.

Discover our CROSSROADS collection
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