Behind the scenes: DAVIDOFF photo shooting in Vienna

It’s hard not to fall in love with Vienna. From heritage-steeped historic squares to vibrant, bustling city quarters: Every corner of the Austrian capital breathes the flirty liaison of majestic legacy and contemporary urban life – traditional, but never anachronistic, nonchalant, yet always rich in class.

With its peculiar charm and stunning architecture, Vienna can be understood as a metropolitan manifestation of the DAVIDOFF philosophy, blending pompous grandeur with laid-back elegance and cosmopolitan sophistication

The giant ferris wheel of the Prater

In search of the perfect backdrop for a three-day photo shooting, the DAVIDOFF team embarked on a dashing expedition through the lush and copious, yet personal, almost intimate atmosphere of the former imperial city.

The journey started at the Donaukanal (“Danube Canal”), where nature and urbanity blur into an emergent artistical place of versatile culture, where graffiti and urban expressions are explicitly welcomed, and where the urbane Viennese community pours into the many bars and cafés framing the canal bank that is turned into an inner-city beach in summer.

Balancing the busy, buzzing atmosphere of the Donaukanal, the Urania observatory with its spectacular art nouveau architecture invites its visitors to enjoy the awe of endlessness.

The humbling glimpse into the infinity of space helps take on new perspectives and creates an inspiring awareness of our here and now.

Nature and urbanity blur into an emergent artistic place of versatile culture
The Donaukanal: where graffiti and urban expressions are explicitly welcomed,

The conscious enjoyment of the presence in vivid memory of an august past, celebrating tradition in a forward-thinking way – this is also the leading idea behind the Grand Ferdinand Hotel.

Located right at the famous Ringstraße, the remarkable house is the lithic expression of the Viennese appreciation for the fine things in life, a hotel with a cultural mission that is accessible to all.

There is a certain kind of magic to the city that managed to balance the ostentatious flair of the grand and splendor era with a lively, approachable ambience.

Architectural opulence of Viennese landmarks like Schönbrunn provides a voluptuous canvas for hidden gems in the middle of a modern metropolis.

You can taste the gleaming, multifaceted beauty of Vienna, when authentic Austrian cuisine meets modern-day gastronomic concepts like the Motto bar: a glamorous shabby chic restaurant with dimmed light, eclectic drinks and unspoken promises of a night you will never forget.

St. Stephen's Cathedral: a wonderful example of the multifaceted beauty of Vienna

To get to know Vienna’s most atmospheric side, however, fanciers visit the city during pre-Christmas season: Treat yourself to a ride in a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of the historic city and take in the enchantment of a thousand lights illuminating the many stands and kiosks at the various Christmas markets.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Vienna as you breath in the luscious scents of delicious temptations and the soft snow starts to fall on the venerable beauty around you.

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