In a world where impatience is the new virtue as the rhythm of life follows an ever-faster pulse, there is no greater good than time. There is a soothing magic in dedicating yourself to the moment, whether you decide to spend it with your family, enjoy it in good company or take time for yourself.

It is the core idea of DAVIDOFF Café to support you in granting yourself the necessary space and leisure for this kind of conscious deceleration – a deliberate break from the hustle and bustle of everyday-life, sharpening your senses for the fine things in life and serving as gateway to new perspectives and appreciation for the beauty of the moment.

With the boutique hotel TORTUE Hamburg, DAVIDOFF has found the perfect partner for this endeavor. Nestled in the middle of downtown, in the famous “Stadthöfe” between the canals and the noble streets “Große Bleichen” and “Neuer Wall”, the unique concept hotel represents the charisma of urban treasure like only few houses do. Its architecture breaths lived urbanity.

The cozy, idyllic, yet elegant setting invites you to pause and take in the sophisticated charm of modern savoir vivre.

The name “TORTUE” (French: turtle) refers to previous times when turtles symbolized the luxury of serenity and slowness in the otherwise frantic Napoleon age.

While the ostentatious attitude of well-dressed dandies taking strolls with their pet turtles belongs to the past, the prudent aura of this sagacious animal remains sensible in the charismatic aesthetics of the TORTUE – a reminder to make time, to acknowledge the beauty of details and to enjoy the zest of life in every sense.

The extraordinary flair of the TORTUE Hamburg attracted the crew’s attention right away when photographer, models, and assistants arrived for the photoshoot of DAVIDOFF CAFÉ at the boutique design hotel.

Inspired by the extravagant yet accessible atmosphere, the team focused on the synergy between people, beverage, and the surrounding setting, capturing a well-rounded composition of product and ambiance without missing the human touch.

Floral wallpapers and calm, casual interactions blend into the perfect canvas to portray DAVIDOFF coffee as the “main actor” of the scene:

Can you smell the rich aromas as they waken your awareness and unveil to you the beauty of the moment?

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