Trieste – a city that enchants

Looking out over the Adriatic Sea in northeastern Italy, Trieste is a city that perfectly complements DAVIDOFF’s spirit of open-minded exploration and curiosity. An intoxicating blend of tradition and modernity, of imperial flair and natural beauty, Trieste is a destination full of surprises just waiting to be explored…

An invitation to experience life

For us living in the moment is to open your mind to new adventures and embrace previously unexplored locations. For someone who shares our passion for discovery, Trieste still stands as a shining example of timeless class and enduring elegance. Facing west towards the Adriatic Sea, this unique port city is a heady mix of old-world allure and present day flair. Cream facades and wrought iron railings in the morning light gave way to golden hues in the afternoon, as the sun poured through the streets. A stroll along its sweeping seafront, revealed a row of sorbet-tinted residences. A refreshing color combination that both intrigued and impressed us.

The Piazza Unità d'Italia stands as a tribute to Trieste’s heritage. A vibrant city square that felt as though it was created for the sole purpose of letting us enjoy our “Capo in B” coffees. We spent hours there observing the rhythm of the street, listening to the sounds of the city and feeling the sun on our skin. We are sure that we’ll always remember our first day in Trieste. The scent of freshly brewed coffee, the smell of the ocean and the overwhelming desire to experience the city with open eyes and arms.

Experience life in Trieste

A city of refined taste

The next day brought with it the realization that Trieste is incomparable in its appeal. It could be said that it merges the sophisticated charm of Vienna with the seaside opulence of wealthy port cities such as Venice. Where Trieste stands alone is in its diversity and the local’s love for quality.

This passion for excellence manifests itself in chic boutiques, restaurants, cuisine, architecture and the lively Ponterosso Market. Its discerning quality can also be felt in buildings such as Savoia Excelsior Palace Trieste and Castello di Miramare. Landmarks that hold the fascinating story and rich past of Trieste in their understated grandeur.

Trieste - understated sophistication

Appreciating shared moments

Wandering the streets in Trieste, we felt a connection with those around us – a relationship built on a mutual respect for the beauty of the city. During a walk, we spied a crowd of people gazing at the ground. We noticed that they had stumbled upon one aspect of Trieste that can be easily overlooked – patterned floor tiles embellished with intricate detailing. More than a simple decorative of a wealthy city, this feature was an invitation to pause and enjoy a shared moment of appreciation.

We also discovered that the very geographic location of Trieste makes it ripe for exploration with friends and family. Its natural, down to earth attraction allowed us to completely immerse ourselves in our surroundings. We became followers of our own feet as our curiosity drew us to its remarkable coastline. The uninterrupted view of the seemingly endless Adriatic Sea paralleled our own attitude of open-mindedness. Even Trieste’s port serves as reminder that in acceptance there is success. It’s now clear that the city’s willingness to exhibit its grounded, inclusive and stylish spirit is why it’s fast becoming a hub for international science, technology, society and policy events.

The essential beauty of Trieste

Where old and new intermingle

While other cities parade their monuments and landscapes, Trieste calmly exhibits a certain hushed magnetism. We were taken with its diverse architecture, influenced by different European cultures.

Striking 20th-century edifices and imperial Habsburg era buildings stand side-by-side with modern apartments and art nouveau archways. The result is a pleasant blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. Even the notable Caffé San Marco mixes historic charm with fresh new details that pay respect to its rich legacy whilst embracing the latest trends.

Trieste - where old and new intermingle

Trieste’s hidden appeal 

After four days spent experiencing the city, we can confidently say that Trieste is a place that welcomes its future without relinquishing the past. A city of refined quality that is both intimate and satisfyingly unfamiliar. To us, Trieste revels in small pleasures and hidden details.

It is a seaside sanctuary for travelers where one decision can lead to new sensations and sights that were once overlooked. The possibility to uncover concealed beauty around every corner means Trieste holds an infinite potential for exploration. It is a city for those with a passion for the unexpected, a zest for the finer things in life and an enthusiasm for sharing memorable moments.

Trieste's hidden appeal
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