Urban Enchantment

The most precious things in life come your way when you least expect them. A street walked a thousand times unfolds before you in striking new ways, the smell of wet asphalt brings about the sublime feeling of walking through the city after heavy rain. To find new pathways, sometimes we don’t even have to change our daily routes: A different time of day, a new mindset, or a second look can be enough to rediscover the splendors hidden in our familiar surroundings.

Welcome to the world of DAVIDOFF Café, a world where you can travel the realms of taste and let your senses be captivated by the small wonders that life holds in store for you. Like when a sudden rain shower becomes the pleasant invitation into a little coffee shop you have always passed by. A faint jingle of the door bell, a subtle jazz tune crackling from vintage speakers and you escape the noisy, hectic city to be fully immersed in another world. Welcome the unexpected break from your busy day and breathe in the unique scent of freshly brewed coffee, aged leather couches, and dark wooden interior. 

You run your fingertips gently over the time-worn backrest of the stool, your feet finding rest on the brass railing of the counter. It is the perfect moment of deceleration when you watch the barista mindfully prepare a cup of DAVIDOFF Café Crème, his hands following a ritual that has become second nature. Time stands still as the pleasant smell of coffee awakens your senses in delightful anticipation and you take in the elaborate composition of elegant aromas and a full-bodied flavor. Engaging in a serene conversation with the barista you enjoy an unforeseen afternoon full of inspiring discoveries and novel encounters. 

The rain has stopped – again a jovial greeting from the doorbell. You step out onto the wet street and into the tingling-fresh air after the downpour. A stimulating breeze, the cold smell of a late autumn day with wary hints of winter and the toasty-warm aftertaste of DAVIDOFF Café Crème lingering on your tongue – while the brisk wind unfolds its invigorating virtue with the same sophisticated finesse.

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