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Our Swiss Made watches are created as a tribute to understated style and unpretentious design. They invite you to relish the now without the need to change it, as a reassuring measure of life’s most enjoyable moments.

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Writing Instruments

When pen, paper and imagination come together in perfect harmony. Let the beauty of the world stir your senses and inspire your words. Feel the refinement of their design. Harness your curiosity as you craft each letter. With each of our writing instruments comes a new sensory experience. Allow them to bring your imagination to life.

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Where every seam captures our zest for life and passion for quality. Our leather goods are crafted to stimulate the senses even with the lightest touch. The distinct yet fleeting scent of leather reveals their authenticity: these small leather goods get better with each passing moment.

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Cufflinks & keyrings

Whether in rhodium or rose gold finishing, our cufflinks and keyrings are undeniably the perfect finishing touch to any elegant outfit. Featuring a zest of modern style grounded in authentic design, they are crafted with exquisite workmanship and high quality materials.

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DAVIDOFF Sunglasses and optical frames


Change your perspective and see every day as a new adventure. Our sunglasses and optical frames are carefully designed to subtly complete your favorite outfit.

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