Reflecting on the ZINO collection

Andrea Martinelli, DAVIDOFF’s Head of Product Development, reveals the intricate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship that give the ZINO collection its singular character.

The ZINO collection perfectly captures our founder’s appreciation for understated beauty. With this range you can see for yourself how Zino’s love for simplicity in design lives on in our leather goods, cufflinks, keyrings and writing instruments; where surprising details and premium craftsmanship combine to create items of timeless appeal.

Andrea Martinelli – Head of Product Development DAVIDOFF

At DAVIDOFF we believe in being consistent yet innovative when it comes to quality and design. Take the construction of our ZINO cufflinks. Each pair boasts a filigree on rhodium placed on a luminous gloss backing for a decidedly unique effect. Our leather goods also delight with distinctive textures and subtle appeal, thanks to the allover embossing of our iconic back-to-back DAVIDOFF ‘D’. This symbol can even be found gracing our writing instruments, which reflect a modern aesthetic.

Discover for yourself the ZINO collection and enjoy the small details that make each item truly exceptional.

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