Paris – the birthplace of our passion for exploration

Paris holds a special place in the heart of the DAVIDOFF brand. As the first city Zino Davidoff visited on his journey throughout the world, it left a lasting impression on him and inspired his taste for quality in all areas of life. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the many different galleries, bars and restaurants exerted a fascinating attraction on Zino Davidoff as a young man. We endeavor to preserve his love for this picturesque city in our PARIS Collection.

Paris marries the old with the new and radiates an atmosphere of modern elegance. Our cufflinks, small leather goods and writing instruments pay tribute to the city’s air of contemporary sophistication. Each item has been designed to reflect the city’s refined elegance and multisensory appeal.

Parisian elegance and multisensory appeal

The silhouette of the Notre-Dame from the banks of the Seine at sunset and the throng of the city markets at midday are invitations to pause. The magnificence of these small moments can be felt across our entire collection. Our PARIS pen in particular borrows its stylish profile from the city streets.

Where diamond shapes echo the detailing of the cobblestone avenues that crisscross the city. The result is the classy Clous de Paris pattern that adorns its exterior and makes it a joy to hold and a pleasant reminder of The City of Light. 

For the curious explorer, Paris abounds in other less obvious delights. A stroll down its boulevards serves up an intoxicating array of sounds, tastes, sights and textures hidden in plain sight. Our PARIS Collection takes inspiration from this sensory world, where your feet and eyes are drawn to every detail. A world that is as memorable as it is exceptional. 

A city that abounds in sounds, tastes, sights and textures.

The opportunity to see an entirely new side of a popular landmark is also on offer. The Île aux Cygnes in particular delivers a different perspective on some of the more familiar scenes of Paris.

In a collection that seeks to blend traditional craftsmanship with exciting new features, our PARIS pen is especially poignant. With a modern motif derived from the façade of the city’s antique sidewalks, it is a nod to the classic streetscape that makes Paris so unique. 

Inspiration at all seasons and for all senses

Whether bathed in sun or blanketed by crisp white snow, Paris is a city for all seasons. The PARIS Collection as such is made up of accessories for all occasions. Ideal for those who share Zino Davidoff’s effortless style and enthusiasm for quality. Be it work or pleasure, DAVIDOFF’s expertly crafted cufflinks, small leather goods and writing instruments will be by your side on every adventure. 

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