Pick a belt to match any outfit

Belts might well be the most important fashion accessories in a men's wardrobe. From classy traditional designs to modern reversible eye-catchers, belts are essentials for both formal and casual attires. Belts do not only serve a purpose but, as stylish as they are practical, they can really take your outfit to the next level.

You can never have too many belts

While a classic black leather belt is an indispensable item that will go with pretty much any casual outfit, we can only recommend packing some more excentric colors in your wardrobe for a perfect finishing touch to your casual outfits.

If you are suiting up, however, you will want to pay closer attention to the chosen colors. One rule stands true in any situation: the color of your belt should match the color of your shoes.

It is also important to note that, while the color combination of your belt and shoes is important, the hue of the buckle shall not be overlooked.

The buckle should also match any metallic accents of other worn accessories.

An everyday companion

With their amazing quality, high durability, and stylish look, DAVIDOFF belts are built to make an impression.

Offering a versatile choice of buckles, DAVIDOFF belts are available in several colors, from the most classic black or brown, to the most excentric orange suede or lime green. 

Whether you are looking for a classic, a simple, or an extravagant style, you will for sure find the perfect match for your taste and attire. 

Discover the new DAVIDOFF belts

The new DAVIDOFF belts were created for the active modern gentleman, looking for a striking timeless design crafted with outstanding materials and exceptional craftsmanship. 

All our belts are entirely made in Italy out of plain or embossed Italian leather. The ESSENTIALS belts are straight-forward but beautiful pieces, available in 3 colors. The PARIS belts are highly versatile items featuring an ingenious rotative buckle, that will let you instantly switch the visible face of the leather without ever having to detach the buckle from the strap.

The VENICE belts showcase three stunning and hand-painted in marbled colors items, while the ZINO belts feature the hallmarks of the brand with 4 classic "ICON pattern" styles and one beautiful "D buckle" piece, a true eye-catcher.

Browse through our newest additions here and find your favorite today.

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