How to match your watch with your outfit

Watches really have the power to make or break your outfit. Especially when it comes to accessories, men have only limited choices. Choosing the right watch to complement your attire can truly make a difference and catapult your look from zero to hero in seconds. Here are some easy and helpful tips on how to match your watch with your outfit and make a big entrance in every situation.

Match your watch to the occasion

There are many ways to match your watch to any specific occasion. To avoid common fashion blunders, the primary factor in determining how to match your watch with your outfit should be the purpose of the event you’re planning to attend.

Whether you are going to formal events or simply running off to your next business meeting, a classic dress watch with a leather strap like the DAVIDOFF Essentials No.2 will always do the trick.

If you’re going out in less formal surroundings, watches with metal bands can be easily combined with jeans and a casual shirt. A simple but classy chronograph, such as the DAVIDOFF Essentials No.1, would be a good pick.

When in doubt, always reach for a dress watch first, especially if you are wearing a jacket. A dress watch works well for any formal occasion, but also looks great with less formal outfits.

Leather strap or metal band?

Leather straps are always a classic choice for your day–to-day attire. But don’t forget to match your belt and shoes with it as well. Black leather straps should be worn with black leather shoes and belts, brown straps with brown shoes and belts.

The same goes for metallic bracelets, that should always complement the other metal accents of your accessories. These include cufflinks, shoe and belt buckles or any other piece of accessory on your outfit.

While you might prefer the feeling of the one or the other, it's important to note that a metallic bracelet will better stand heat or humidity than its leather pendant.

Boys look at their smartphones to check time – men look at a watch

The variety of accessories for men is limited. Mostly they can be seen with three choices of accessories: a nice watch, a pair of cufflinks or a simple bracelet.

Apart from being a helpful companion to help you stick to your schedule, watches are an easy way to express your sense of style and can communicate a lot about your personality.

Whether you prefer a simple classic look or want to show off with a more sophisticated approach, a nice watch will always improve your outfit choice and complement your fashion-conscious look. Express your personality with DAVIDOFF watches. 

What dial color should I choose?

While the color of the leather band or of the metallic parts of the watch shall be matched to your accessories, the color of the dial also has its role to play in putting the finishing touch to your outfit. Black dial watches generally offer great readability, and, along with silver dial watches, they can be worn in any situation.

Don't be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with colors and their meaning though.

Choose touches of red and orange for a modern and sporty touch, boast a striking blue dial to perfectly complement a pair of blue jeans, or opt for an all-black model for a strong and bold statement.

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