Three men’s accessories that will always be in style

Influencer Justus Hansen explains why accessories should be an essential part of every self-conscious man’s wardrobe

With almost 400k on Instagram, this German Men’s Fashion expert has become a fundamental part of the male fashion industry. He is known for a masculine and uncompromising style that always strikes with that certain something. That’s why we took a minute to ask Justus about his favorite items from DAVIDOFF and why accessories should be a crucial part of every modern man’s wardrobe.

Elegant and cross-generational cufflinks

Every man’s attire needs a few classic elements to complete a look. Formal occasions require an “elegant and cross-generational finish,” as Justus likes to put it. That’s why he chooses a smooth and confident pair of DAVIDOFF cufflinks.

Stand out from the crowd

The influencer compares choosing the right essentials to crossing the finish line of a big race. Every item brings you closer to your goal and sets you apart from the crowd.

The DAVIDOFF Crossroads bracelet combines elegance and casual design to conquer my day.

Leather or steel?

As a watch lover and collector, it’s not easy for Justus to decide between a classic leather watch strap or a steel bracelet. He believes that every situation requires a different kind of style.

When it comes to his personal style, he is convinced possessing both is important “because, at some point, you end up being in a situation where the one is more appropriate than the other.”

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