Venice – inspired by hidden beauty, defined by enduring quality

Venice is a city with a never-ending capacity to surprise and mesmerize. Glistening canals, ancient architecture and smooth marbled walls invite you to discover its rich history. This enduring class and sensory charm forms the inspiration for our VENICE Collection – a collection that invites you to look closer at the details and to appreciate the understated elegance of each item.

For the global adventurer Venice is a treasure chest of wonders. The Stucco Veneziano plastering technique found adorning the Gothic palazzi walls is but one aspect woven into our VENICE collection.

Its patterned surface and two-toned highlights are reflected in the appearance of our cufflinks, writing instruments and leather goods. Every item is styled to echo the washed finish that makes Stucco Veneziano unique to this floating city.

Enjoy Venice’s popular places like Piazza San Marco, but make sure to take enough time to see what else Venice is hiding.

Stay longer in this history-charged city and you’ll discover the zest for life of the locals, fueled by the wake-up call of gondoliers, a morning espresso in a crowded bar, lively discussions with friends at lunch in a sunny square and almost kitschy sunsets that have inspired generations of artists.

Some live life as a poem, others as a sentence.

The VENICE Collection evokes the ever-changing splendor of this floating city. The reflection of water on centuries-old buildings is captured in the dynamic character of our cufflinks, writing instruments, watches and small leather goods. This modest yet enchanting design is reminiscent of our philosophy that true beauty is found in small moments.

Its backstreet artisans expose an element of Venice that is mirrored in our collection – one of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Carnival masks, lamp worked glass and Venetian lace are handmade with an emphasis on quality over quantity. This zest for creativity permeates the VENICE Collection.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Discover for yourself the uniqueness of our VENICE Collection. Savor the expert detailing and refined workmanship that defines each piece.



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