Men’s Summer Style Essentials

Too hot to be bothered? Our guide to the perfect Men’s Summer Style Essentials will show you how to always look classy with minimal effort. Don’t sweat it! Summer is the perfect time to experiment with your style.

A classic addition to your outfit

Watches can be worn all year round. Nevertheless, you might want to look a little more closely at your choices for the summer.

Are you looking for the perfect mix between casual and stylish styles? The textile strap version of the ESSENTIALS No.3 is the right pick and will compliment any summer outfit.

Do you prefer the fresh and soft touch of metal on your wrist? We got you covered with a wide assortment of metallic bracelet watches. Of course, if you are more of a leather strap aficionado, a leather strap watch is always ready to be paired with an elegant attire to enjoy a long summer night.

Update your summer style

Obviously, the sun will be out and shining brightly during the summer season.

While finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be tricky, they can quite easily perfect your summer style in a second. 

Keep you eyes protected and see every day as a new adventure with DAVIDOFF sunglasses, THE summer style essential.

Refreshing scent of summer

Warmer days call for a refreshing scent. Opt for the ultimate call of freshness, hedonism, and seduction with DAVIDOFF Cool Water Intense

This scent unfolds into oriental notes of coconut water blended with the sensuality of amber accord.

For those who love a rush of pure adrenaline, DAVIDOFF Cool Water Wave plunges you straight into the crashing swells of the ocean and the euphoria of catching the perfect wave.

Wristwear is a personal thing

Not everyone feels like wearing wristwear. However, combined rightly, these small accessories have the potential to truly make the difference.

We highly encourage you to embrace your personal style and experiment with shape and color combinations that will make you stand out of the crowd!

Whether it is for a casual day at the beach or for a candle-light dinner date, DAVIDOFF Bracelets will add a zest of modern style grounded in authentic design.

Carry less and spend more

Especially during summer, everyone wants to travel light. With a DAVIDOFF credit card holder, your valuables can be stored in a minimalistic but stylish way.

Stay true to the motto “Carry less and spend more on cool summer drinks!”

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